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From organizing a chaotic space to clearing out an estate, we're here to take the task from daunting to done. Sort & Order originates from a love of helping sort through the treasure, treasured, transient and trash goods of life. We can become accustomed to our things and their placement. Impartial support can make all the difference in fresh perspectives on where things go and how they can help, instead of hinder, the flow of life. 

When a loved one passes on, dispersing an estate - a collected life - can be an arduous and emotionally trying experience.  We are here to support you in this time by arranging for an estate sale or consignment, removing donation or unwanted items and providing recommendations for cleaning and maintenance teams.  

Let's meet.


Owner and Operator Jennifer Singleterry is an expert in organizing. Originally a Texas native, she lived in Montana and Colorado until providence landed her family in New Braunfels, Texas. After nearly a decade, she, her husband and their two growing boys are grateful to call this little burg their forever home with its warm community and deep cultural heritage.   

Be assured that confidentiality in all matters is our highest priority. This good work is a passion that she is grateful to share. Contact us today and we'll get you on the path to organized life.



Well Organized Closet
Home Staging
Packing help
downsize downsizing

Sort and Order can organize your home, including cluttered closets and overstuffed junk drawers. Cleaning out your mess creates a cleaner, more organized home. Sort & Order can also help with packing and unpacking after moving, or downsizing. As well as cleaning out estates. 

Tidy space. Happy mind.  

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We'll be in touch shortly!  (830) 500-0142

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